Friday, May 14, 2010

A bit annoyed

{Copy Cat by Mitchell & Dent via Bloesem }
An ironic but cute card

Forgive me, I have a complaint!

Why we are so obsessed with paying to have "lessons". We do not pay for creative goods but pay to learn other's creativity. We tend to buy other's creativity if so we are then creative.

There are tons of people asking if I would like to PAY

learn how to take better photos for my handmade products.
learn how to make scrapbooks / jewelry / wool felt / pottery / metal smith / glass fusing etc.
rent a place to have handmade market in the whatever weekends.
rent a cubical to sell my handmade products.

but there is no one would like to buy handmade products. At least, I did not encounter any one yet. (I have to put a "yet" to be optimistic.)

I hope those short term businessmen would be fade away after the summer vacation.

By the way, I am not having classes to teach wire wrapping skills. If you would like to learn, you can search via the Internet. There are tons of free tutorial / sharing / magazines. Make effort, be inspired!