Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wish list

Once confirmed my travel itinerary, it is time to set up some goals. I decided not to buy any Spring / Summer 2010 outfit in Hong Kong now. Hence, I can buy as many as I can in UK. (in terms of money amount, not quantity of cloths... ) I tried to convince myself that GBP is dropping right now so it is a golden chance!

My wish list

No. 1
Top Shop - petite line

Maybe, a navy inspired black and white top or a floral vest which I can mix and match?

No. 2
Cath Kidston - my all time favorite! With more time, I would like to select some China pieces for my kitchen.

Lastly, it is time to refill my crafting magazine collection, Bead & Button.

Project Edinburgh

It has been a week since we have confirmed for "Project Edinburgh". Ya, we are going, me and C. It has been a roller coaster period for me. From instinct, I need to have a nest. I search through the Internet like wild. And C, of course, he is Mr. Relax.
The more I look up the neighborhood, the more I like this "enchanting" city! And I am in vocation mode, indulging with this lovely illustration. (Photo source: Inside a Mrs. Bag from Mrs. Lilien Styling Blog )

For those who would like to travel for accommodation for a break, you can search via, which is super useful!

On the other hand, I am watching Travel and Living channel which Samantha Brown traveled in Paris and stayed at a gorgeous apartment / hostel. I instantly search the web,

Friday, February 26, 2010

Doily Easter Basket

I love doily! It seems they are so hit lately!
You can see I used paper doily for display during craft fair.

I came across Martha's quick and smart way to make a doily basket. And there is a how-to video. (right hand side)

For the other goodies, found via simplyhandmade

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obsession of Shoes

Photos: Prince Wedge | Mulberry Mary Jane

I have to admit I have survived with Birkenstokes for many summer, which irritates my elegant mom a lot. Not until last summer, I discovered my foot were flattest ever... (no more triangle foot due to high heels). They aches even I am on flats.

This spring I have to get rid of the Birken... with lovely shoes from MaraisUSA. They are so so cute.

By the way, I will be adding a new blog category namely "Project Edinburgh". Yes, I am going there. To learn, explore my handmade life at this beautiful city!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Millinery flowers

I have named this new handcrafted headpiece, Peony!

I am learning to make millinery flowers for some time. And this is definitely fun!

Peony is unique which cannot compare with the ordinary silk flowers that you find in decoration stores. It features with super delicate and soft touch of colors petals in a very structured combination. The petals are dyed, hand cut and streamed by me. I love the texture of it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Traditional with a modern twist

Kong Hei Fat Choy!
Wish everyone with an energetic Tiger year!

A thousand lanterns - fine art print via Irenesuchocki

DIY ruby paper luminary via PrudenceOctavia

Lovely lantern wedding invitation cards via Sugaredink

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's VS CNY

Original illustration by Samantha Hahn.
She has just designed a huge assortment of chic Printable Valentine's, free for you to download and give out this holiday. You can see and download all of her designs here.

Here is my version with a little tag!

Also Kong Hei Fat Choi

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good morning!

Good morning dear. I am getting better and sent out my parcel. (Actually Mr. Jujube did it) I just love this colorful bird brooches from Lazy Jane.

Lazy Jane Shop | Blog

Treasure is found via Super Duper.

Waxy Heart Decoration

Do you have the below materials and tools at home?
It is not that hard to gather them in a crafty home!

I just love Mitsy from Artmind fun tutorial! Check it out at Poppy Talk.
These cute waxy hearts could be your home new deco / wedding favor / little gifts / etc.

Be creative!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Grateful...

Top: Me chatting with a nice customer.

I have to say it was the toughest market for me as I was sick. My throat was so sore but I still kept on telling people about my handmade life, my jewelry and my book. I am surprised that there were some male visitors bought my creations. Perhaps, it is for his loved one during St. Valentine's Day!? I have asked if it was alright to put a handmade heart-shape tag on the gift wrap. He replied me with a shy smile. Ha ha how sweet was that.

I am grateful that I have found my passion.
Photo Below: we had a full house!

To answer my lovely customers questions:
1) I do customer orders for brides for jewelry and head pieces. You are welcome to contact me at my fan page or send a note to love.Jujube[a] for references.
2) Yes, my nail color is from OPI, Done out in Deco. :P

A little complain...

Yet, I came across ladies who asked me suspicious questions and taking close up photos of my creations. I am a bit annoyed about it since there were people imitating my designs and sold online with a relatively cheap price at Yahoo auction...

I am so frustrated about it the other day. I comforted myself that as my designs are so great to attract "admirers". However, my heart hurts while seeing people using copper wire "pretends" silver / gold filled wire. What I can say?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Promo Packs for Handmade Mart

I have made this promo pack for the coming craft fair, Handmade Mart. I thought it will be fun to receive a little gift rather than a leaflet. And my friends are impressed.

Inside the pack are
manila tags, stickers which are hand stamped and made with re-purposed paper, ju ju be business card and of course the leaflet.

I will be a Culture Club, Soho Feb 6 (Sat), 2pm - 6pm. I was told the venue is easy to be by-passed. So make sure you read the map at my facebook.

P.S. For those lovely brides-to-be who would like to have a headpiece custom orders, you are welcome to step by. Just ask at the booth :)


Cloudy Sunday!

It is a cloudy Sunday. As usual, I woke up way too late... (too shame to name the time), had an afternoon tea with C, walked around at the neighborhood, stopped by the florist, had a iced Mocha at Starbucks, read some magazines and headed back home.

And noticed I gained a pound... (shit!) Let's blame the cloudy and humid weather.

Some readings I would like to share
A book that I may buy in UK.
A new interior blog that I am in love.

{photo credits: Decor 8 | Table styling from Style me Pretty. | New Yorker }

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

St. Valentine's Day Market

Top: Me at the craft show Middle: New French vintage collection Bottom: French Chic Necklaces (sold out)
Hello I am back. I am so tired after the craft show on Sunday yet filled with joy :)
It felt good to gather with other handmade artists to share our thoughts, opinion and some fun things.
I regreted that we were so busy chatting and did not take a photo together.
We may have different style but we all handmade with love :)
and ju ju be (i.e. me)