Friday, January 30, 2009


2009年1月30日上午9:15公開累積瀏覽 161
Kong Hei Fat Choy!
Wish everyone a strong Ox year. 
It has been the busiest Lunnar New Year for me ever, preparing gifts (sweets and cookies) for friends and relatives, cleaning up our home, going out "buy lian" and giving out Lucky Money!... pu....oo~
Here you go, a lovely corner of my home. :-D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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Hi Bloggers,
If you are reading this, you will enjoy a 10% off discount for all my creations / custom orders.  I am happy to have any tricky requests for your day-out / dinner party / wedding day outfit.  (Please note: those who are not familar to Etsy system, you can simply contact me directly for purchasing.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The magic blue

The magic blue
2009年1月20日上午5:01公開累積瀏覽 631

  Could you say what it is? I guess 99% of the ladies can quickly recongise it the the magical box of Tiffany!  I have to confess... I did once want to have light blue to be my wedding theme color as my engagement and wedding rings are both from Tiffany.  However, it is important to match the venue, to fulfill family's expectation (or limitation).  The plan was left behind. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a girl

Handmade card
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My friend is expecting a baby girl soon.  She is my first friend giving birth, such that both mummy and me (Aunt Jujube) are very excited.  We had shopped at Tsuen Wan for some expecting moms' pants.  It was incredible that there were all kinds of pants, leggings, stockings and shorts for the expecting moms!  For those who may interested, the shop is called 孕十月 and it is not expensive at all.
More about the handmade card, I have used some purple tissue paper ("chow tse") to make the little dress for the lovely baby girl.  It is very easy
1) Cut the tissue paper in shape of a dress
2) Roll the tissue paper in rolls for the belt and twist them as roses.
3) Stick them on the card with glue / UHU.
4) Add in details with color pens.
Da-la, hope my friend will love it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dinner Plan

Dinner Plan
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Before married, I didn't plan for my dinner.  I just ate what I got from my kitchen (mom brought food).  I didn't have a fixed dinner time as well.  I just ate when I were hungry. 
Being a housewife, dinner time has been the most challenging thing to me.  For the first week, I alwaysfigured out "there is no food in the kitchen" at ~5pm.  When I say no food, it really means NOTHING! Of course, both me and my hubby can dine out.  Yet it is hard to explain to Mr. that I have been doing nothing at home for a whole day… So I rush to the supermarket, buy some food and then prepare dinner ASAP.  This vicious circle did bother me a bit… Especially while I am wandering at the market and thinking the FAQ of the worldwide housewives “今晚食咩”…
Therefore, I took a little revolution in 2009… (i.e. after married for 1 month), I need to plan ahead for dinner. The fact is I plan for 5 day dinner and buy those ingredients during weekends with my hubby. 
Good thing is
1) I don’t have to rush to market every day such that I have more “free” time at home on my beading.
2) We can eat healthier, (I guess…) less noodles night.   
3) I don’t have to carry those heavy bags!  Yay*

Saturday, January 10, 2009


2009年1月10日下午5:09公開累積瀏覽 00

Blogmate, which one is a better shot?

Canon is a handcrafted art piece! The pendant (2.5cm x 3.5 cm) is constructed with hand hammered silver plated wire, wire wrapped and then decorated by hand with tiny metal beads (1.5mm) and then with a final retouch of the lovely mist Swarovski round crystal (5mm).

Chain Length: Matinee (24inch)
Pendant size: 2.5cm x 3.5cm
Material: silver plated copper wire

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lemon Drops

Lemon Drops
2009年1月9日上午7:19公開累積瀏覽 21
Lemon Drops
Featured with the light yellowish drop focal gem (15mm), dangles with lovely Swarovski round crystals in shimmering orange and vibrant yellow (both 3mm).  The earrings are carefully crafted with beading wire together with ear wire are nickel free.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New beads

New Beads
2009年1月8日上午8:26公開累積瀏覽 53
I have told myself I have to hand made.  However, I have a bad habit - I don't want to craft with old materials... (That's why my bead collection is mounting!)  Hence, I went to Shamshuipo yesterday for sourcing new beads. 
The same with another trip in the old days, I am amazed with those all lovely beads and gems.  I have discovered some goodies at the sale corner!!!  Some lovely juicy fresh water pearls.  They are genuine however Hong Kong beaders seem more fancy the expensive Swarvoski crystals.  I confess I have those crystals as well to frosting your creations.  Yet the whole bracelets are threaded with all kinds of crystals, not my style. 
I am very eager to influence you and to fall in love with those lovely fresh water pearls.  Aren’t they are perfect for wedding accessories?  I trust they can be goodies for a charm bracelets.