Monday, September 6, 2010


{photo retrieved via Apartment Therapy}

我回來了。和愛丁堡比較香港真的很潮濕。悶熱。不過我還是十分興奮。無論在那邊的食物是多好味,handmade的小店是多可愛,這裡還是我的家。在英國生活的點滴都會是我和C的重要回憶。我們兩人,沒有親戚朋友,什麼都沒有;我每天焗面包, 煮飯,打理我們的小小的apartment, 自己一個人去Tesco買東西,去找好味的Chai Tea, 這些我都要記住。不要被香港生活迫人的急速影響。

話說我們不在時家裡大裝修,回來時周圍都是泥土色的塵,又抺又掃,花了我一星期我才敢unpack 將東西放回原處,還未可開始正常的生活。今天有點累,想懶一下, 不過看到這圖片,又想起home maker 的樂趣。我要對生活有要求。

I am back. Back to the reality of hot humid but sweet home land, Hong Kong. It was a rewarding trip and experience for both me and C. I am so proud of myself to live in a foreign country for some time. We were not tourist. We had no relatives and friends. We just lived there. On my own, I run my little home with my husband. I baked, cooked, shopped and cleaned our little nest. That will be some valuable memory.

Despite of the extremely delayed flight, I have been fighting to have my home re-organized after the renovation. It is hard not to keep my hands off from tidying, wiping and dusting. Our washroom, kitchen and the floor are all covered with yellowish dust.

I am a bit deflated today. The weather is too hot. My hands are too itchy. But once I saw this photo, I reminded myself, I am a home maker. There is always some joy of "looking after" your home.

My mind and my home will be furnished.