Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indie Shops in Edinburgh

There are a number of indie shops found in Edinburgh. I am surprised that how lovely and keening for both the shop keepers and the shoppers. There is only appreciation found in the shop. (No picking, bargaining or copying here, unlike Hong Kong)

which is a lovely indie shop full of designers' and handmade artists' goodies. You may found amazing prints, hand bags, accessories there. I love the wide collection of illustration works. And I am tempted to buy one, however, I have to consider my limited luggage space for my return flight to Hong Kong. In respect of copyright, I did not take photos inside the shop but only the front door.

It is great that the Red Door Gallery operates an online store as well.
Below: My favorite collection Belle and Boo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have been Edinburgh for more than a month now. A lot of new and exciting things happened. I am more adapted to a Scottish style of living. It is weird that the older you are, the more time you would like to fall back to your old habit.

Both me and C were desperately wanted a bowl of hot chili noodles on the first fortnight. We are better. Not because we finally embraced the Scottish diet, we found a Chinese shop nearby :P

出前一丁 has become the most nostalgic thing after all. Despite of other Chinese grave, this is a cheaper and more accessible one. Lucky us.

Crapy noodles found in Tesco...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eton Mess

We went to the Farmer's Market this weekend and bought some gorgeous raspberry. So I have made a traditional British dessert, Eton Mess.

The fruit here are so fresh and delicious. What a shame that we are having tasteless strawberry back at Hong Kong.

Eton Mess

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovely shop in Edinburgh


When you are abroad, you discovered your real identity. I discovered my crave of hot food, spices and chili.

My daily life is relaxing. Wake up, make breakfast for C and myself, have a cup of tea (I am a tea drinker before coming to UK), online for while, grocery shopping, prepare dinner.

We do wonder around at weekends to discover some interesting shops nearby. Here is one of them at the Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

DemiJohn - a liquid deli
A charming shop which specializes wine, vinegar, and oil. They sourced their own brewers and farm houses for some unique products. (As long as we did not see these at Tesco and Sainsbury's) It is lovely to have your liqueur /whiskey / oliver oil / vinegar to be bottled. They have all kinds of tasteful and vintage inspired bottles for you to choose. I do like the idea that we can taste their products before purchased. And we can only buy 100ml for a trial. You can also bring back the glass bottles for next purchase for a re-fill.

We have bought a stackable bottles for oil and vinegar. They are cute to be at my kitchen and convenient as a decoration for a special dinner as well. We bought the elderflower vodka and some raspberry vinegar.