Monday, June 21, 2010

Baking :)

I have tagged along my husband during his visit at Edinburgh for business. Time here in UK is slightly slower than Hong Kong. I am glad to enjoy the life of traditional fun like baking. Baking materials here are more accessible than Hong Kong.

I've tried to make some lemon cup cakes the other day. It turns out fab! I had only one lemon on hand, so I replaced some orange zest for extra aroma. I've followed the recipe from Martha Stewart's Though my cakes looked like naked :P as I prefer no icing for healthier diet.

FYI, I do not have a TV at Edinburgh. And both me and husband share only one line of broadband. Such that a total new living style is required.

I have seen lots of BBC TV programs online and I love this.
The Delicious Miss Dahl - Pretty vintage visual arts!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Long time no see :D

{Photo: Queen's Palace, Edinburgh UK}

Dusting dusting :)
I have been away from the blog world for some time as I've moved to Edinburgh for this summer. It is such a pretty city. I am here with my hubby. Such that I do need some "projects" to be done cheap and at home.

First I have attempted to bake! Yes, a cooking which needs accuracy and measurement. (which I do not have ) And I have bought a glossy magazine, Glamour, to kill time. This issue a Benefit Bad Gal eye liner is included. GBP2 for such, a hot deal!!!

I have followed Rachel Allen's recipe which is super easy and tasty! (I do accomplish it without an electric mixer!)