Thursday, October 21, 2010

New vs Old


{Photo: Raffle by ju ju be}

I am very happy that I will be joining a craft show on Oct 30, 2010 (Sat) at the lovely Amor Workshop again.

I have been a little tied up with the creative work lately. Promotion seems being neglected. I am finding a new way to express my experience from Edinburgh, both emotionally and technically.

I am striking for a WOW. My husband and friends have been very nice to re-affirmed me that my original works are good enough.

I am an awkward girl. I do not liaise with others. I do not join the art scene. I just stay at home and wait for the muse. My mind just crumbled. I need a NEW me. And hopefully you will see a new jujube. Thus a deadline is needed. Thank god.

Btw, shop will be re-launch followed by the market on Nov 1.

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