Thursday, April 23, 2009

DIT Floral arrangement

DIY - floral arrangement
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My Uni phoned yesterday and I was told her lovely sister will get married the year end!  (It is released every time if there is a 10-year-old couple getting married!)  Men are always advantaged while they grow old but not ladies...
I was invited to assist the wedding with some floral arrangement.  It scared me a little bit... as it was more complicated than they thought - buying flowers in sufficient quatity before the wedding, arrange them, transport them, feeding them with water etc.  I am sure most of you (the newly wedded) will nod your heads! 
Martha Stewart has newly updated with some tips on floral arrangements.  Hope it helps me and the other brides who want to DIY! 
My pick: Lesson 4 |  You know it only with the photos!

Dahilas i.e. 大理花 catches my heart!  I handmade the bouquet for my maid of honor with this flowers as well.  As they are big and bright, it is easy to make a perfect round bouquet with 3-4 flowers.  That means CHEAPER! 

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