Friday, April 3, 2009

Shanti and Scarlet

Shanti & Scarlet
2009年4月3日下午4:54公開累積瀏覽 100
Left: Shanti - teal rounds wire art earrings.   |   Right: Scarlet - cheery red rounds teardrop wire art earrings. 
I have been a slacker for a while and here are the newly created from love.Jujube :)  I don't have time to list them at Etsy yet... hopefully, they will be gone at the Openair Market. 
These days Etsy catches the attention of Hong Kong media.  It even has been mentioned at 新假期 (which I thought it is a very localized one)!  This is the comment from the magazine's editor: "too many English at the websites and have to appy paypal for transaction..."
I understand English maybe a problem... (Should I blog in Chinese? But that will be really really S L O W!)
Application of paypal has been more important these days.  I cannot understand major Hong Kong websites still require people disclosing their credit card numbers during purchases.  It is not that safe after all! 
Today I went Korean Dining at 金羅寶, Causeway Bay with my hubby!  I was so happy for our "date"!  I just enjoy Korean spicy and hot kimchi all the time! 

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