Thursday, August 13, 2009

Packing for a trip to UK

I will be travelling with C to UK in next month. I am so excited about it as he is on business but not me. My "job" is just enjoy my time. Packing is a bit tricky as the weather varies in Hong Kong and UK. I have to pack both summer and fall outfits!
Must bring items for long flight

1) Sleeping eye mask - I cannot sleep with lights.
2) Leneige moisture mask - I use it as mask and lotion at the same time. Cheap stuff, and you won't be upset if you spill it or miss it.
3) Hair pins - for a messy hair quick fix.
4) Scarf - keep me warm on flight.
5) Benetint - for a fast blush upon arrival.
Day: Black sweater + vests + blue jeans-like tights + flat shoes / slippers
Night: Nice blue dress + black tights + killer boots + bracelet
I love the tights from H&M, cheap, light, easy to dry (you never know while travel)! Just HK$199!

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