Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Please fall in love with ME

續五月的peak galleria, 我終鼓起勇氣再參加pokfulam market。閉門造車了數個月, 今次的作品
的主題都是dainty glit, 精緻的閃爍的 :) 和for keepsake! 大部分的作品都是從US入口的14k gold, 意大利的bass charms, 都是用心的作品, 充滿秋意。希望blog友有時間都來逛逛。我還會demo hammering metal, wire wrapping等技巧。
I am very proud to announce my 2nd craft fair will be taken off on Nov 1, 2009!

I have prepared a new collection which is inspired with the mood of fall (or autumn in English), harvesting colors, high quality of 14k gold with detailed hammering work, leaves and feathers, luscious pearls and gemstones, dainty accessories for your perfect outfits at events and celebrations.

So please FALL in Love with JU JU BE! More details of the market, please click here.

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