Monday, October 5, 2009

UK trip

I am back... from UK and then mainland China. And I survived from my surgery of unplugging 2 wisdom teeth the same time. (Thanks for the advices I read at cocoabean's.) I would love to share my UK trip with you while there are still stitches in my mouth. (horror, right! heeehhee)

Lovely flowers @ St. Pancras station.

We were waiting the train at Retford, no man land to Sheffield.

Lovely greens @ University of Sheffield

A comforting dinner at the resident room by myself. Better than a business dinner as a wife :) I would roll on the bed with my pjs stuffing in chips and reading my favourite magazine, Glamour!

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  1. i miss london, few years ago, i visited europe every year just for leisure, and all those good time gone after i become a cat slave, wahahha