Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A year with handmade

1. My booth 2. Me and Candice's booth 3. Libby's and Olivia's corners and their creations

Finally I have finished my X'mas Market and some custom orders. I think it will be a good end for 2009, my handmade year. It was grateful to be invited by Libby, a handmade artist to be in the X'mas Market at Amor Workshop. My creations are appreciated and valued. I was biting my nails during the market. I knew I did not have lots of fans at the local market. Few guests were expected to visit me... But, my booth was doing unexpectedly well. This is a feeling I never had.

I am confident for what I am doing. I can now say I am a bead jewelry maker / designer rather than a housewife.

Of course I met some brilliant handmade artists during the market. I have received fruitful opinions of producing more conceptual creations. (though I was a bit shocked) I disagreed that my creations are not handmade in appearance. Handmade can be sophisticated as well. It can be rustic in style but not in appearance. Handmade is craftsmanship of one's performing the best of beauty and taste.

I wish Hong Kong handmade market can be stronger. Handmade products should be consumed but not admired. I will work harder in 2010.


終於我完成了X'mas market. 是次活動我有好大的成功感, 一開始得Libby邀請﹑再得到Amor accepted 我已好開心, 自己做的東西有人欣賞; 到了market當日我是戰戰兢兢的, 因我知我的客人多數是US的, 本地實沒有多少fans會特意上來。Unexpectedly, 其他的handmade artists的visitors都會買我的作品。這是之前擺openair market沒有的驚喜。
今年可謂我handmade year, 我之前都是以興趣為出發去做: 有人可以間中喜歡我的作品買下已十分高興,不竟有人欣賞和有人會用錢去買是大大的不同。擺檔當日都遇很多experienced的handmade artists, 我會明白我的作品會比她們似是少了點concept的味道,我沒有讀過design / arts, 我只想做出我認為最美的東西。我沒有想過如果作品做得不似handmade會是太commercial; 我只是好用心的做, 用了好多心機時間去練習才不似handmade, 我不禁問自己為什麼handmade一定要是粗糙的? 是我們的stereotype吧!

我希望香港的handmade market有日會壯大起來, handmade products 不再是只供人欣賞/抄襲﹑沒有人consume。

這是我個人有感而發, 希望不會得罪任何人。

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