Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Grateful...

Top: Me chatting with a nice customer.

I have to say it was the toughest market for me as I was sick. My throat was so sore but I still kept on telling people about my handmade life, my jewelry and my book. I am surprised that there were some male visitors bought my creations. Perhaps, it is for his loved one during St. Valentine's Day!? I have asked if it was alright to put a handmade heart-shape tag on the gift wrap. He replied me with a shy smile. Ha ha how sweet was that.

I am grateful that I have found my passion.
Photo Below: we had a full house!

To answer my lovely customers questions:
1) I do customer orders for brides for jewelry and head pieces. You are welcome to contact me at my fan page or send a note to love.Jujube[a] for references.
2) Yes, my nail color is from OPI, Done out in Deco. :P

A little complain...

Yet, I came across ladies who asked me suspicious questions and taking close up photos of my creations. I am a bit annoyed about it since there were people imitating my designs and sold online with a relatively cheap price at Yahoo auction...

I am so frustrated about it the other day. I comforted myself that as my designs are so great to attract "admirers". However, my heart hurts while seeing people using copper wire "pretends" silver / gold filled wire. What I can say?

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  1. hey gal, it's kurama, wanted to ask u about how's ur feeling of the market and then see ur blog ~~ (coz i wanna gather more opinons before I discuss with Culture Club about next market)

    next time, you can just simply tell the photographer to get out of ur items... or you should call me to come help you

    anyway, glad to see your feedbacks~~ see ya at Amor