Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Edinburgh

It has been a week since we have confirmed for "Project Edinburgh". Ya, we are going, me and C. It has been a roller coaster period for me. From instinct, I need to have a nest. I search through the Internet like wild. And C, of course, he is Mr. Relax.
The more I look up the neighborhood, the more I like this "enchanting" city! And I am in vocation mode, indulging with this lovely illustration. (Photo source: Inside a Mrs. Bag from Mrs. Lilien Styling Blog )

For those who would like to travel for accommodation for a break, you can search via, which is super useful!

On the other hand, I am watching Travel and Living channel which Samantha Brown traveled in Paris and stayed at a gorgeous apartment / hostel. I instantly search the web,

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