Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovely shop in Edinburgh


When you are abroad, you discovered your real identity. I discovered my crave of hot food, spices and chili.

My daily life is relaxing. Wake up, make breakfast for C and myself, have a cup of tea (I am a tea drinker before coming to UK), online for while, grocery shopping, prepare dinner.

We do wonder around at weekends to discover some interesting shops nearby. Here is one of them at the Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

DemiJohn - a liquid deli
A charming shop which specializes wine, vinegar, and oil. They sourced their own brewers and farm houses for some unique products. (As long as we did not see these at Tesco and Sainsbury's) It is lovely to have your liqueur /whiskey / oliver oil / vinegar to be bottled. They have all kinds of tasteful and vintage inspired bottles for you to choose. I do like the idea that we can taste their products before purchased. And we can only buy 100ml for a trial. You can also bring back the glass bottles for next purchase for a re-fill.

We have bought a stackable bottles for oil and vinegar. They are cute to be at my kitchen and convenient as a decoration for a special dinner as well. We bought the elderflower vodka and some raspberry vinegar.


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