Monday, January 12, 2009

Dinner Plan

Dinner Plan
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Before married, I didn't plan for my dinner.  I just ate what I got from my kitchen (mom brought food).  I didn't have a fixed dinner time as well.  I just ate when I were hungry. 
Being a housewife, dinner time has been the most challenging thing to me.  For the first week, I alwaysfigured out "there is no food in the kitchen" at ~5pm.  When I say no food, it really means NOTHING! Of course, both me and my hubby can dine out.  Yet it is hard to explain to Mr. that I have been doing nothing at home for a whole day… So I rush to the supermarket, buy some food and then prepare dinner ASAP.  This vicious circle did bother me a bit… Especially while I am wandering at the market and thinking the FAQ of the worldwide housewives “今晚食咩”…
Therefore, I took a little revolution in 2009… (i.e. after married for 1 month), I need to plan ahead for dinner. The fact is I plan for 5 day dinner and buy those ingredients during weekends with my hubby. 
Good thing is
1) I don’t have to rush to market every day such that I have more “free” time at home on my beading.
2) We can eat healthier, (I guess…) less noodles night.   
3) I don’t have to carry those heavy bags!  Yay*

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