Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Wedding at Happy Valley III

Happy Wedding at Happy Valley III
2009年2月14日下午2:58公開累積瀏覽 2095
My decor - Monarch
I am happy with the decoration done by Monarch.  Everything is done exceeded my expectation.  The yellow and cream decoration did a "wow" together with Jockey Club's cooperation.  I think this is the best we can do within a reasonable budget.
1. The balcony where over viewing the lovely green land.    2.  Marquee built up by Monarch  
3. Silk flower decorations at the pew
4.  Backdrop - my most worried item at the wedding which turned out great.  I did have some hesitation / mad at Monarch that they do not have yellowish fabric choices.  However I came out with the idea of arranging champagne chiffon over the white satin.  Btw, Jockey Club was very kind to offer me grey stage rather than red.  Which save money to have carpet from Monarch!
Some little tips: 
  • To coordinate the venue with your decorations. For example, the venue of my wedding is in oak, camel and light wooden floor.  Yellow and cream made the room warm and matched the outdoor green. 
  • Try not to challenge your decor with unusual color / floral decoration in order to avoid "surprise".  There were some upset moments during the preparation stage as I could not have my fuchsia wedding due to budgeting.  (There is no fuchsia silk flowers!)   
  • Stay calm... at your best! Hahahah 

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