Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Wedding at the Happy Valley

Happy Wedding at the Happy Valley
2009年2月3日上午9:20公開累積瀏覽 4552
After 8-week of painful waiting, I finally received my wedding photos.  It has been a long time... I did not forget to share my happy memory with you guys :)
My wedding ceremony was undertaken at the balcony under the warm sunshine and overveiwing the green of Happy Valley Racecourse. I was happy with the decoration done by Monarch! (more about their work later, stay toned!)  They have built up a little arch for us to get marry and decorated with some yellowish flowers. 

Left to Right:  1) Monogram handmade by me to lead the guests not to enter a wrong suite :-D.  2) The arch I mentioned.  I did not want a marquee which would be too large to block out the nice view of the green grassland.  3) A lovely shot from our Photographer DM.  4) The FREE cake from Jockey Club in front of our backdrop.
  Jockey Club has done a brilliant job. We never expected they would offer some mini bars for the guests during cocktail reception.  They provided chips, ash trays (some guests were thrilled as they could chill out and smoke...) and even nappkins for the guests at the balcony! 
Left: Our wedding certificate cover handmade by ME :)     
Right: Our wedding ring stand with Tiffany ring box which is also handmade by me.  I have ringed it with some yellow and white silk flowers with artistic wires and ribbons.  Personally, I think it is a clever idea to save up for another centerpiece for the registry table... as we used that table for 15 minutes and it was removed. 

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