Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Market @ Amor Workshop

Not sure if you have tired to see similar photos of me next to my handmade booth :P
I will keep on doing this as
1) to record my handmade life
2) to meet more handmade lovers
3) to encourage others to appreciate the value of handmade

Yes, I have highly glory goals. ha ha

For No. 3, it is also an ethical question. People often view handmade goods are slightly over priced. Let's turn the table. Beading takes time and effort. It requires detailed work of skillful hands and creative mind. Generally, there are 2-3 pieces of trails before I made the perfect one. I have hided so many experimental pieces under my jewelry desk. If I spent the time on handmade by working at McDonald's, I would earn more. How pathetic it is.

Your little purchase is my encouragement to carry on! Thank you :)

Some more snaps. More photos on my facebook fan page!

Floral Ruby - hammered rose gold with ruby beads
(sold, custom order only)

Left: layout of my booth | Right: Tele - hand hammered 14k gold necklace

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