Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vintage Love & new changes

Sometimes I feel lack of energy (or most of the time in the morning!?) Sunshine came to my home yesterday! I quickly set up my camera for some photo shoots.

I am a vintage fan at the moment. I love trying out new sets for my jewelry shoots. Sales are slow these days. I just try to convince myself as it is the slack season. And this is a good opportunity for me to think and create more!

I have mailed an important letter this morning! I am going to attend a craftsmanship course at the Edinburgh College of Art. It costs quite a lot. But I have to thank all my customers, who have contributed to portion of my hugh tuition fee. My hubby has generously offered to pay. However, I am guilty to have him to pay for my "hobby". Reality is handmade jewelry will not be a job to feed. And I don't want my hobby and dream affects our household expenses and other future plans.

Nevertheless, I am still very excited! I will be having classes with other artists in Edinburgh. I will be lots of talented people.


  1. yeah for you!! so you are going away in the summer?

  2. Yes dear. I will be away from HK this summer! Be a student again hee hee.