Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Half Done

Half Done
2009年3月25日上午1:42公開累積瀏覽 32
Count Down: 25 days 
until love.Jujube's 1st Craft Show @ Openair Market Pokfulam.
I am sick... for the entire week.  I have never encountered such "difficult" situation!  I am having 2 "wisdom tooth" coming out (too old to have them!?), a sore throat and sharp pain in ears... However, I have to hurry up for my 1st Craft Show.  I want things to be pretty
To-do List
1) Stock up - I am so fortunate of having sales these days.  On the other hand, I have to re-make sold jewellery for the show. 
2) Decorations for my stall - of course we need some beautiful garland and stands for my "babies".
3) Price tags - the least I want to do... Math...
Sorry dear, no yummy dinner and perfect housewife for 25 days! :P

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