Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Wedding at Happy Valley V

Happy Wedding at Happy Valley V
2009年3月1日上午7:48公開累積瀏覽 1523
Miracle Florist
I found Yan from Miracle via Yahoo blogger.  I think I was so lucky as it is not that easy to find a florist within the right budget and the same style and taste. 
I am proud to tell you that the bouquet is based on my design and Yan got it with those finaly elegant touches.  I have chose orchids and peonies and vivid fuchsia / purple ribbons and then left it in good hands of Yan!  She rocks!   
I was so regretted that I did not take a good photo for my bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages.  I thought my photographer would have a moment to capture those.  However, it was not.  My lovely maid of honor has taken some photos for those.  Lucky me!
TOP:A shot of the lovely bouquet while we were stuck at the traffic.
MIDDLE: On the way to the groom's home.  Photo shot by DM
BUTTOM: Corsage of my bridesmaids by Yan from Miracle.
Little tips:
1) Confirm the bouquet 3 weeks before your wedding.   Trust me, you keep on changing your mind! heheeh
2) Do research before you meet your florist.  You may like to visit some wedding websites such as Martha Stewart,  There are plenty of photos for you to see in different color schemes.  I think it is the best way to confirm your choice / style :)
3) Relate the bouquet with your personality!  I have give up a white bouquet as I want to be a charming and energetic young bride :D 
4) Relate the bouquet with your wedding gown!  I am petite and had a very simple wedding gown. So I chose a bouquet with a vivid statement. 

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