Friday, April 16, 2010

Salad for dinner

I decided to lead a healthier diet. That is more fresh vege and good quality of protein. It is not easy to sustain as it costs time and effort. Last Sunday, we had salad for dinner.

I have prepared the turkey breast on the Saturday night. The turkey was bought from a wholesaler which located nearby our home. I just requested the giant turkey to be cut into 3 portion. Turkey is a good source of protein.

I have marinated the de-frozened bird with rosemary, mixed italian herbs, a clove of garlic and dash of oliver oil for 20 minutes. Then I sealed the bird in high heat and then slow cooked for 40 minutes. Slice them once they are cool down.

The best part, I can store the bird in the freezer and served as ham for sandwiches, salad, and snack. Though... C ate them all quickly :)

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