Thursday, April 22, 2010

To do list

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This is the second day I am at home alone. It is weird that once you are married, you life is always a double. The sudden home alone nights seem nice. I do not have to plan for meals and do less clean-ups.

This made me cannot stop thinking what if I am home alone at Edinburgh. I have been living at the city for my entire life. There were supermarkets and restaurants just downstairs my home. So I come up an idea that to plan a To do list.

1) Try polymer clay
I do not have an oven here. But I know I will have one at my scottish apartment. It is a great chance for my to experiment with a new media for my jewelry design.

2) Baking
The same reason. In addition, I have so much free time to try new recipes. I am thinking soda bread, cup cakes, roasted chicken etc.

3) Making jewelry
I opt to maintain my Etsy store operation. Such that I will pack all my heavy tools and beads to flight. It is great for Hong Kong customers, I shall purchase more vintage beads and charms. Come on, there will be a lower shipping costs!!!

4) Visit the Scottish handmade market - Morningside Maker Markets . Actually they are so kind to invite me to join. However, due to visa problem, I will not be an exhibitor. I do not want to be an illegal worker.

5) Nothing yet, any suggestion to do at home?

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