Thursday, April 8, 2010

Walking to no man land

First it started as a hobby... then comes the rocky road.

I have been reading lots of self-employed stories recently. Mostly motivated by this lovely book, Escape from cubicle nation

I thought I was so lonely and kinda silly to realize my dream. It was like walking into the no man land. I do things alone most of the time. I email / blog / source materials / design alone. I make jewelry alone (to compensate, I turn on Discovery channels to make sounds.) Everyone is saying you are so blissful to be a housewife and make jewelry to sell (To sell does not mean sellable!?). I can only swallow my bitter. It takes lots of work to get one sale!!! Moreover, I worried a lot and here are some of them.

1) I do not return to be the corporate world, I will be jobless forever.
2) I will be regretted when I am 40s.
3) I feel lack of confidence / self esteem in front of my umates / ex colleagues / friends who have their gold plated job titles and lavish lifestyle.
4) Money... though I will not starved to death, I miss my fancy shoes and dresses sometimes.

To feel much better, I search for other man in the world.

{Photo credit: SharonMontrose's photography}

Sharon Montrose
Watch this video to see how this baby giraffe is shotted.

Nichole from Make it Lovely. A day in the life.


  1. I know how you feel. I just became a freelance illustrator and now work out of my apartment. I also turn on the television just to pretend there are other people in the house. Don't worry, there's a whole community of self-employed artists out there.

  2. I'm reading the book too !! it's courageous to keep us moving on with our striving "inner tiger" ! there're different nations, we're just migrating from the cubicle's to a more lively self-exploratory community. :D

  3. Good on you for chasing your dreams! x

  4. MME, thanks for sharing your experience.
    Fiona, let's talk about it when we meet next time :)
    Kellie, I love your blog a lot. So pretty!