Thursday, April 29, 2010

More vege, less carbs

{photo by me: cucumber and lamb curry}

I recently felt exhausted and depressed very often. (Or most of my life :P) Previously doctor has advised me to intake more food in all terms and sodium. I am a lazy cook such that I had have lots of fast food meals to fulfill doctor's wish. Hamburgers got lots of sodium!

Things are better. I feel less dizzy. But there is another problem, I am puffy and lack of energy. So I change my diet again... a revolutionary one. I try my best to prepare my meal every day. It is a challenge when you are alone at home. Meals are not the top priority. Preparing a one-person portion takes lots of work.

For my health sake, I am doing it, hopefully, for long term. I will be a housewife (maybe) the rest of my life, I cannot have fast food forever.

Buying food is so much easier. (That is why you have to pay more!) You can just eat and then do other things. I discover I have been cooking and washing the whole day as following,

Breakfast / Lunch
Fried egg and toast, a cup of tea - 10 mins
Eat - 10 mins
Washing dishes - 10 mins

Cut an orange - 3 mins
Eat it - 4 mins
Wash again - 5 mins

Prepare and roasted turkey - 45mins
Prepare salad, cut tomato / onion and smash avocado - 20 mins
Serve and eat - 30mins
Wash again!!!! - 25mins

Very often, I think I am not that full after the dishing...

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