Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paris Paris

{photo credits: Liz Rusby}

We have decided to include a mini romantic break during our time at Edinburgh. Yes, to Paris. I have been there once with my friend as a backpacker. It was a quick and kinda rush trip so I think we need more planning this time.

Besides the museums, I am looking for walks at the Parisian market (Place de la Madeleine!?), vintage goodies and explore more with the local cafes and bistrots.

I have been reading this from Oh Happy Day! for some ideas. But I am still looking for more. C has bought the book Eyewitness Travel Paris which is sort of complicated for me to read... (I have no sense of direction and the book is wrote based on map zones!)


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  2. Hello Jujube, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and visiting. :)
    I have been to Paris many moons ago and my highlight was definately Musée D'Orsay!
    I'm a bit green now - I'd love to visit Paris again one day. And I would first go to the Cementary Pere Lachaise:

    Oh, and Flickr Favorites it a meme that I host every Tuesday and it is meant to share links of Flickr favorites. You can create a mosaic in and then post a link to your mosaic in my blog (Mr Linky) so that other people can easily go and see your favorites. Since this link is not to a mosaic, I'll have to delete it but feel free to play along next week! :)

  3. Thanks Mitsy :) I will take your recommendation

    Thanks Lydia.